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The Love of My Life by BlueRoseFox The Love of My Life by BlueRoseFox
Yeah I know normaly teenage girls have this title under the name of a boyfriend but guess what, I dont... Its not that I havent tried (which I havent) its just I dont think he'll like any of them, he's really protective of me sometimes when I talk to someone he doesnt know well...

But all in all I love this little guy...

The story behind me and him is, my mom got two dogs for her birthday and chirstmas about two,three years ago, him, a terrier and chawawa(?) mix and a full blooded chawawa named Moco's.

Mom loved Moco's and ingored the mix when they came out of the kennel, I (back then) was a little moody, angry, and pissed off teenager beacuse of High School, I knew when I saw my mom flawn over Moco's I was going to have to take care of the little brown mix dog, beacuse when my family gets a dog they will stop playing with it after a while and I didnt like seeing a dog ingored at times but they normaly were killed by cars, or wild animals in the next year or so.

So I looked at the pup and noticed he was the same pup I saw in the pet store in town, the same one I kept staring at for a long time when me and my friends went into the pet shop, he looked like he hadn't slept in days and seemed sad.

I felt pity for the dog and took care of him when he needed it. I don't know how but after a few weeks he started to take a place in my heart that no dog had ever been able to do beacuse I closed heart when I was about nine, eight. The reason why was beacuse I still hadn't gotten over at what happened to my two favorite girls, my best friend Jimmy Girl, who I had as far as I could remember, and her daughter Pepsi (Don't ask why I named her that)

And within the weeks I took care of him, I started to calm down more, I wasnt yelling at my parents that much, I stopped crying, I started working harder in school, I started going back to the person, and better person, I was before High School...

Then one day he got sick, I had thought it was my fault and I cried for the first time over a dog since the day Jimmy Girl died and Pepsi dissapeared, he was out of it and was hardly able to walk, we couldnt take him to the vet beacuse it was dark and at the time it was closed.

I stayed up half the night by his cage watching him sleep (or at least try to sleep) but my mom told me to go to bed beacuse I had school, I didnt want to but I had to. The next morning I woke up to barking, when I went to the front I saw him up, running around, wagging his tail in happiness and I went to hug him...

After that we found out he had eaten a cigirrete my dad was being to lazy to crush when he threw it on the floor, thankfully after that day, Terry never ate another cigirrete again. When I heard this all I said was "So he was high?!" and I started laughing after that, and it was then I realized...

Terry Harthorn Martin, became my dog, I cried for him, I played with him, I watched over him, he slept in my bed next to my head or sometimes on my arms, he wagged his tail when he saw me, he let me pet him when I was sad about my parents, he was there for me when no one else would listen, he, out of all the other dogs my family had gotten over the years, somehow, he had somehow got into my heart which I thought I closed off to any animal beacuse I scared of losing them one day...

He became my dog, my son, my love of my life, and I became his mom, his owner, his dearest friend. Without him I would had given up on alot of things, and I'm happy I have him in my life, and I know if he were to die... I'd cry and grive for a long, long time but I know one day I'd be able to get over it and try again, beacuse of him I'm able to smile when I see him sleeping next to me, beacuse of him I know that letting in another animal into my life will be both happy when you raise them but sad when they must go...
trana-blay5 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww, so sweet ^^
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